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Are your students ready to Embark?

 Advanced Placement classes and ACT exams help students get into college, but they don't do as much to prepare them for the actual experience.  With Embark, students find their fit sooner and maximize their college investment:

  • Greater engagement in academic programs

  • Ability to navigate challenges and utilize resources

  • Earlier professional experience(s) including research positions, internships, and co-ops

  • Exciting careers and admission into competitive graduate programs

  • Early graduation without sacrificing high-impact student experiences

School-Based Sessions

We help college-bound seniors (2 or 4-year institutions) figure out what they want from college and how to actually make it happen--a “toolkit for early adulthood."

School-based sessions make participation easy and accessible. Our goal? Equip motivated students with knowledge and skills early, so they snag the best opportunities from Day 0.


Connecting the Dots

In a world of limited resources, Embark helps schools build capacity and yield better alumni outcomes.


Our curriculum scaffolds the work students (and staff) are already doing. Said another way, Embark helps students connect the dots of their high school experiences and create a roadmap for college. 

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Community Engagement

Embark believes in the power of community. Recent alumni participate in student panels and share their perspectives about college. Local employers and leaders engage with students and highlight the opportunities and pathways that exist close to home.

An investment in students is an investment in the community-- one that yields great dividends. 


Get in Touch

Interested in establishing an Embark Seminar in your school or community?

Email or complete the contact form to learn more about how to bring Embark to your students.


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