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I have advised and taught thousands of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During 10+ years on campus, I developed undergraduate seminar courses in engineering, business, and life sciences, including a popular first-year early-start program.

My work has always centered on novel ways to connect with and support students (the basis of my graduate research).  I created Embark Seminar after observing the universal benefits of early academic and career planning among incoming first-year students. 

Senior year is a period full of decisions and possibilities. Students gain a lot if they have the tools needed to navigate this transition and connect with opportunities sooner. This is especially true for students who are the first in their families to attend college or hold other identities marginalized by the education system.

My Expertise:

  • Limited-enrollment majors/pre-professional pathways

  • First-year student experience

  • Academic and career exploration

  • Ideation/workshopping application/professional materials

Guiding Question:

What do students need to have a really good college experience?

Favorite Aspect of my Work:
1) Equipping students with the tools to figure out who they are and what they actually want from this chapter of life 
2) Watching those students land cool opportunities


  • ​Career Development Facilitator Certification (2013)

  • MS in Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison (2010)

  • BS in Agriscience Education, UW-Madison (2008)

Tanya Cutsforth 
Founder, Instructor 
Embark Seminar 

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